Wood and Furniture

CATAS is the Italian laboratory in the field of wood and furniture. 

The main activity of the laboratory is the testing of  safety, strength and durability of furniture products: domestic and office chairs, tables, cabinets, storage furniture and children furniture, doors and partition walls; beds, mattresses and sofas. On these products an ergonomic assessment can be carried out using special equipment to measure the human body pressure distribution map.

Equipment used to test product components to durability, strength and impact are engineered by CATAS to fulfil the requirements of european and international standards or technical specifications defined by the customer. Tests are monitored in real time by our specialized staff who reports any fault.

The tests on packagings department checks the resistance of packaging to the most severe conditions which it can undergo during transport (dropping, stacking, vibration,...).

The lab carries out tests to verify the conformity of technical aids for persons with disabilities.

We test playground equipment and we give certification of conformity to the reference standards; tests include controls aimed at avoiding accidents such as entrapment, squeeze, suffocation, falls, injuries , but also contact with dangerous or toxic substances.

CATAS tests the furniture surface resistance to a wide range of potentially damaging physical and environmental stimuli such as when objects are dropped or when something hot is placed on a surface, or during cleaning. Transport in extreme heat or cold, use at certain temperatures or humidity levels, resistance to ageing are important checks which manufacturers need to carry out in order to gain access to any market with the security of maintaining their products’ technical properties over the short and long term.

The chemical department gives space to the most sophisticated equipment for testing th safety of raw materials, semifinished products and finished products. It's the widest and best equipped italian laboratory for the formaldehyde emission testing on furniture. The lab analyzes adhesives and coatings and it assesses the effectiveness of wood preservative treatments against fungi and moulds.

By means of apparatus to test flexural strength, tensile strength and yeld the laboratory checks the mechanical resistance of wood based panels, plastic and rubber, composite materials, glulam beams for window frames, floorings, screws, upholstery foams, glass and geotextiles.

Fire reaction of upholstered furniture, curtains, mattresses, wall linings, flooring can be tested according to the requirements of the italian law and european standards on fire prevention. Since 2000, CATAS has been authorized by the Italian Home Office to issue test certificates for the fire reaction sector necessary to obtain the ministerial homologation.