Usage of CATAS logo

All CATAS members aiming at advertising to their customers their permanent relationship with our lab, can ask to receive the CATAS MEMBER logo.  This logo can be used on headed paper, catalogues, during fairs, into the web site and in every other marketing opportunity to give evidence of the collaboration with CATAS. A desktop displayer is also available.

Important remark: Permission to use the logo ends as soon as the company is no more CATAS member. In this case no documents reporting the CATAS MEMBER logo shall be given out.

CATAS logo can be used only associating it to a specific product tested in our laboratories and indicating its n° of test report.



CATAS logo can be used only together with a specific product tested by our laboratory and indicating the test report reference number.
All customers who tested their products at CATAS can use this logo following these conditions and only after CATAS written approval of the printing draft. You can ask the logo and send the draft of your advertising page by e-mail to or to