CATAS takes part to the most important international work groups involved in drawing up standards in the wood and furniture sector and plays an important role in the interpretation and application of the legal guidelines.

In Italy, as part of UNI, the Italian Organization for Standardization (UNI), CATAS representatives hold the positions of Vice-President of the Furniture Commission and Coordinators of the Furniture Testing and for Wood Coatings  working groups (for UNICHIM, another Italian body governing standards in the chemicals sector).

In Europe, CATAS sits on all the CEN TC 207 (Furniture) working groups, on the formaldehyde working group for TC 112 (Wooden Panels), on the Coating Systems for Exteriors working group for TC 139 (Paints and Varnishes) and on TC 193 which deals with adhesives for wood.

Internationally, CATAS sits on the  ISO 136 (Furniture) commission and is active on all its working groups.