Material ConneXion Point FVG

The Material Point FVG makes materials innovation more accessible to companies and designers of the Friuli area.

The Material Point FVG was born thanks to the cooperation between Material ConneXion Italy and CATAS. It is a place where you can consult the Library of Material ConneXion, through the presence of an exhibition of physical samples and computers for consulting the database; besides this, the Material Point is a place of consulance and training for local companies, through seminars, ad hoc projects and organization of one-to-one meetings with wood and furniture companies.

Material ConneXion Italy


V.le Sarca 336/F - Edificio 16 - 20126 Milano, Italy
T +39.02.365.53.060, 02.365.53.169
F +39.02.365.53.238
T +39 0432 747241
F +39 0432 747250