CATAS Engineering  provides single pieces of equipment for the testing of components, chairs, tables, storage furniture and beds, as well as design projects for complete test laboratories.

The following are just some of the items of test equiment offered in CATAS’ catalogue:

  • Seat and back static load and fatigue EN 1728, EN 12727, EN 1335
  • Front edge fatigue EN 1728, EN 12727
  • Arm rest static load and fatigue EN 1728, EN 1335, EN 12727
  • Castor fatigue EN 1335
  • Seat/back/arm rest impact EN 1728, EN 12727, EN 1334

All items of equipment (for testing single or multiple pieces) are equipped with an electronic control panel and programming device for different test cycles.

The initial service inspection of the equipment is carried out by CATAS, also at the customer’s premises.

Using CATAS engineering services gives the great advantage that you can obtain the very same equipment used by CATAS laboratory in its daily test activity, in compliance with the reference standards.