CATAS is the most important Italian institute for research and certification in the wood and furniture sector. Its structure houses a laboratory, the nerve center of CATAS, they are performing a number of tests and checks not only the products, but everything revolves around the market of wood and furniture. CATAS promotes a culture of excellence through a center of expertise and training in the structure.

How works the search system

The search system of CATAS allows a simple and intuitive management of all the steps to search for desired depth through four main filters: Products, Testing, Certification, Problems.


Depending on the background of departure and what you want to search, the user can choose which filters through access to the desired information, using as a starting point of the research the product, the type of evidence to be submitted, the exact name of the certification or the type of the problem.

The filter is unique because the system after the user selection of the desired options, excludes automatically links not relevant to the research, ensuring full control only alternatives affecting research.



Together with the section dedicated ad hoc "Catas responds" with FAQ always in evidence, the final result of the operation will lead to a specific page in-depth research on the originally selected. Next to the content page, a contact form to allow the user to contact the manager of the internal reference of CATAS, depending on the sector faced.