Laboratory tests

CATAS’ work mainly involves tests on materials and products, such as:
  • physical mechanical tests and chemical analysis of materials;
  • strength, durability and safety tests on furniture and components;
  • strenght and durability on internal doors;
  • strength, durability and safety tests on external blinds;
  • strength, durability and safety tests on technical aids for the disabled;
  • tests on packings;
  • evaluation of conformity for playground equipment;
  • the simulation of static tests on products and materials using finite element software;
  • ergonomic evaluation for office work chairs;
  • analysis of emissions of harmful substances from products and during industrial processes;
  • tests on the effectiveness of biocides for wood;
  • identification of the wood species from which a product is made.
  • reaction to fire tests (laboratory authorized by the Italian Home Office);
  • analysis and certification on food.
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